ETA 2 Oneness Institute

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a process whereby people "live in the joy" rather than the "conflict" brought on by self-sabotage and self-sacrifice. Life coaching principles focusing on "oneness" are provided here as a guide to support you on your "inner journey".

Many people believe that what creates unhappiness for them is the bad behavior of others. Nothing could be further from the truth! Instead, what creates unhappiness is our perception of events triggering some memory of powerlessness.

Everyone we encounter provides some important information, which if properly analyzed can help us with our own evolution in consciousness. Since we cannot see ourselves, the only way to know ourselves is through the eyes of others. If you believe yourself to be a good and caring person, yet no one around you mirrors that back to you, then there is a big difference between how you see yourself and how the world sees you. The goal is to bring you nearer to the reality you are striving to achieve.

The first lesson offered in this course is to “be emotionally authentic”.  Without this as a foundation, you can never be in proper relationship with others. Being authentic requires “more than just telling someone, what you think, whenever you get ready”. Being emotionally authentic is really about trusting your “intuitive guidance” as the basis for your decisions. From this place, you never sacrifice your own best interest to satisfy someone else’s ego demands and you don't feel guilty for making decisions which need to be mutually beneficial.  

Many of us are “walking wounded” because we carry around ancient wounds from our childhood causing us to be easily “triggered” over small things. There is so much to unpack around this topic because “abdicating responsibility, use of projection, and residual emotionality” are all outcomes of this ancient wounding process. If we can all understand our own emotional trauma, then working with others is so much easier because it interrupts the pattern of over-reacting to their bad behavior. All of these highlighted life coaching concepts are covered in this course. It is time to identify your shadow beliefs, release emotional energy, and become a "clear channel" to help you "live in the joy with self" then "oneness will be the result".

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