​"Peace" is the absence of conflict but
"Oneness" is the acceptance of differences...

​​Robin L. Johnson is the Executive Director, an Author, and a Certified Spiritual Oneness Coach at the "ETA 2 Oneness Institute" founded in 2021. Ms. Johnson is dedicated to sharing coaching techniques and spiritual philosophy which bring us into "oneness". As a product of divorce, Ms. Johnson spent a lifetime searching for the "gateway to harmony". This quest led her to spend tens of thousands of dollars as she studied all of the world's major religions, attended many workshops/conferences, and explored countless cultures visiting 40 countries. After all of her searching, Ms. Johnson realized having an "intellectual understanding" is not enough. It also required a "healed heart" to magnetize more joy and harmony.

After more than 25 years as a management consultant, Ms. Johnson became a certified life coach with the Ford Institute (JFK University). Ms. Johnson believes in formal education and has also obtained the following: BA degree from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA; MA degree from Schiller International University in London, England; MBA degree from Schiller International University in Paris, France; and Certificate of Christian Ministry from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. By combining formal education with spiritual life coaching techniques, Ms. Johnson created a coaching process known as the "gateway to harmony". 

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