ETA 2 Oneness Institute

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a process whereby people can learn to “live in the joy” rather than the conflict brought on by self-sabotage and self-sacrifice. Life coaching principles focusing on oneness are provided here as a guide to support you on their “inner journey”. In avoiding conflict, one of the most important things is a willingness to “trust divine guidance”

This “trust muscle” is not very active in humans since most people are trying to reach their divine destiny using their minds instead of opening their hearts because of prior hurts and disappointments. However, as is said in life coaching circles, everything is a “microcosm of the macrocosm” meaning what you do in one place, you do everywhere. So, if you have trust issues with others, you will have trust issues with God. This makes “trusting divine guidance” very difficult until you correct those issues.

As you move along the spiritual journey, you will reach a point where you enjoy receiving “divine communication” because it makes life easier by making it more synchronistic. The things you need seem to magically appear as you find yourself “living in the flow”. Having this kind of regular experience makes it easy to "cultivate spiritual obedience" for you could not think of any other way to live. However, most of us are living in duality where we are the main determiners of our destiny by analyzing and synthesizing every external variable to reach some decision about what actions are right for us. We can never live in the "oneness with God" until we "transcend duality" and become obedient to our internal guidance.

Living in oneness with God will often require us to “restructure our human values”. In Christianity, Jesus said to those who wanted to be his disciples, “give up everything and follow me”. The purpose of this type of drastic separation from worldly possessions is to create space to absorb “divine values”. It is often said, “God’s ways are not our ways” so a new thought system is required since most humans make decisions from a place of “I, me, and mine” instead of from “we, us and ours”. 

As you move through the principles outlined here, these are just a few helpful guidelines to move you closer to “oneness with God.” The biggest misstep made by those on a spiritual path is the failure to “recognize their spiritualized ego” which often uses some good intention to garner the main benefit to itself. So, be aware of doing “good” as a way to secure resources for yourself.  All of these highlighted concepts are covered in this course. It is time to identify your shadow beliefs, release emotional energy, and become a "clear channel" to help yourself "live in the joy with God" allowing "oneness to be the result".

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