ETA 2 Oneness Institute

 The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a process whereby people can learn to “anchor in the joy with others” rather than the conflict. Therefore, some basic “life coaching principles of oneness” are provided here as a guide to support people on their “inner journey”. We live in a time when society is very polarized, so we are looking for “peacemakers” to help bridge this divide. One of the principles in this curriculum is the ability to “see totality”. Most people think they see “the truth” but in essence they see only their “slice of reality” which is “a truth” but not “the truth”. For to see totality requires one to see the perspective and impact on everyone who is affected by a given decision. More of us need to see totality to live in “oneness”.

Part of what gets us in trouble on our spiritual journey is when we there are “narcissistic tendencies” that are not recognized. Many of us don’t understand our own emotional wounding and the challenges it poses.  This wounding tends to not let us "own our contribution to the chaos”, so from a coaching perspective, we tend to project our faults and frailties onto others. For instance, we begin to form judgments about people who don’t meet our standards. Never do we even question whether our standards are even accurate measures of anything. By judging, we keep the attention off of ourselves, never having to correct, modify or end any of our own bad behaviors.

As we move further down the pathway of oneness, it becomes very important that we “prioritize the needs of others” so as to be able to live in community with them. The “I, me, and mine” philosophy gets in the way of oneness because we are speeding toward our own destiny often not caring who we run over. This way of being is shifting as we reach for a new level of spiritual consciousness. We must make allowances for everybody we encounter on this spiritual journey. For those we disagree with we must learn to be "tangential" giving them room and space to be who they are. On our life journey, we are called upon to bring forgiveness, extend compassion or offer atonement to those we have hurt. 

All of these highlighted concepts are covered in this course. It is time to identify your shadow beliefs, release emotional energy, and become a "clear channel" to allow all decisions to be mutually beneficial… This how you “anchor in the joy with others” allowing "oneness to be the result".

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